Stylish Bonds: Twinning Trends By Rubans For Your BFF and You!

We're here to spill the beans on how to rock Friendship Day with your partner-in-crime, your confidante, your ultimate BFF. What better way to celebrate the bond that makes your heart skip a beat than by twinning in style with Rubans? Get ready to dive into the realm of our picks, twinning like never before!

Twinning 101: A Match Made in Heaven

Twinning isn't just about wearing the same outfit; it's about sharing a style story. Rubans’ stunning collection is here to make twinning effortlessly chic, whether you're strutting down the streets or hitting the coolest spots in town. We’ll get your perfect look ready with our pieces. So, read on!!

Styling Tips and Tricks

When you’ve got the pieces sorted, be it pendants, bracelets, earrings or whichever you chose, it’s time to talk about nailing the perfect twinning outfit. After all, you and your bestie deserve to be the centre of attention, wherever you go.

  • Colour Harmony:

    Choose a colour palette that resonates with both your styles. Whether it's pastels, bold hues, or earthy tones, coordinating your outfits will make you stand out as the dynamic duo.
  • Mix and Match:

    Don't shy away from mixing different collections from Rubans. Pair a Voguish pendant with an Oxidized ring, or blend bracelets with modern clutches. It's all about adding a touch of surprise to your twinning game.
  • Print Play:

    Experiment with prints that mirror each other. Polka dots, stripes, or even quirky motifs can be a fun way to align your styles while maintaining your individuality.
  • Complementary Silhouettes:

    While you're twinning, remember that you're still unique individuals. Opt for outfits with complementary silhouettes that suit both your body types and personal preferences.
oxidised jewelry rubans

Twinning Occasions: Where to Show Off Your Style

Ready to flaunt your twinning finesse? Here are some occasions that call for your Rubans twinning magic:

Brunch Bonanza: Rock those coordinated voguish pendants as you indulge in mimosas and avocado toasts. Your radiant style will be the perfect conversation starter.

Retail Therapy: Hit the shopping streets with your partner-in-crime. Your twinning game will not only turn heads but also inspire fellow shoppers to up their style quotient.

Date Night Drama: Whether it's with your significant others or a night out with just the girls, twinning with Rubans’ elegant pieces will add a touch of bejeweled romance to your evening.

Festival Frenzy: Stand out in the festival crowd by twinning with your bestie. The vibrant colours and intricate designs of Rubans’ collections are made for dancing the night away.

modern clutch

BFF and You:

Celebrate the bond of friendship, where laughter never ends, and secrets are always safe. With Rubans, you and your bestie can express your unique personalities while staying connected in style. Friendship Day is a reminder of the beautiful journey you both share, so make it even more memorable with your twinning game on point!

Explore, experiment, and have a blast on this special day of celebrating friendship - because at Rubans, we believe that our pieces, your bestie and you will be the most fashionable trend of all! 

Happy Friendship Day!