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    “Because You Are Your Favourite” – Chinu Kala

    At Rubans we believe, you only deserve the very best.

    Rubans has an eclectic collection catering to your every mood and facet. The resplendent collection of the finest jewellery sets for women is what a power-packed person needs to stand out and shine brighter. The vast collection of multi-coloured jewellery sets is to fulfil every need of a person looking to style their outfit with panache and poise. The enigmatic collection ranges from truly traditional temple jewellery to modern designs perfect for wearing to your office space. Every necklace set is decadent and spells luxury no matter the price range you are looking at. Whether it is the wedding season or a summery calm, there is something special for everyone’s taste.

    The jewellery sets have been curated keeping in mind the pace of today’s lifestyle. The need to be ready on the fly from 9 to 5 and then 5 to 9 governs the comfortable yet chic jewellery choices. Rubans has found the perfect solution for your buzzing lifestyle. You can directly make a beeline for the fancy party wear jewellery, or you can go for sets that can be worn to the office as well as parties. If you are unsure about the set, then you can put on the necklace as you go from the office to let your hair down.


    Rubans Jewellery Sets Online in India for every kind of you

    Everything you adorn is a glaring representation of your tastes and your perception. Your flamboyance and your style are a statement you make every time you step into a room. A fashion jewellery set is much more than the elements that make it up. It is armour you don when entering your office and breaking the glass ceiling. It is the mark of respect you show others when you dress up for their happy occasions. It is a sign of devotion to your family when you get ready for a festival in a maang tikka earring set. But all these dimensions have your imagination at the very core. You can do it all and have it all, and Rubans is here to add flair to your every side.

    Every milestone in your life is worthy of a memory that lasts a lifetime. Whether as a gift or as a part of your day, Rubans add magic with the finest jewellery sets for women. There is a variety of styles of necklaces that will confound you, and the earrings, along with them, have been designed to suit those styles best. You can get chokers, temple necklaces, silver-plated, gold-plated, rhodium-plated chains with a pendant, zircon studded, chunky chains, and multi-coloured jewellery sets with American diamonds. The earrings could be hoops, huggies, studs, chandbalis, drop earrings, jhumkas, and many more kinds.


    Fashion jewellery set and the way it impacts your outfits

    The beauty of a necklace set is that it can dramatically transform any look from a “nay” to a “wow” with minimal effort. The common misconception that you can wear only gold-plated traditional jewellery on sarees and kurtas is breaking because of the constant upgrade in styles and experimentation with design. A fashion jewellery set enhances the clothing and your best features, depending on what you choose. For example, a choker is great with a saree or with clothing that is heavily embroidered to avoid the necklace getting lost in the clothing. Another great example of this is a long necklace with a plunging neckline ensures there is no tussle for attention between the two ingredients of your outfit.

    For those who have a round face, dangling earrings are the best, while those with an oval face do very well with studs. Every necklace highlights your neck and the hem of your outfit. The inclusion of neutral tones and pastel colours leaves plenty of room for the jewellery to be paired with most of your outfits. There are enough silver and gold base choices for you to pick from. If you wish to go for a boho-inspired look, then you can layer necklaces. You can also directly get yourself a snazzy layered necklace.


    Best of Jewellery Sets Online in India at Rubans

    When you have so much going on in your life, it is hard to commit to a single style every time. This is why you need something that exudes grace no matter where and when you wear it. Here are some types of jewellery sets you will find Rubans has in charming combinations. The colour and textures may vary depending on the nature of the design.

    • Beaded necklace sets – A beaded necklace may have beaded strings or colourful beads, bringing the necklace set to life. Beaded necklace sets have more elements added to the mix to make the jewellery more impactful.
    • Kundan jewellery sets – Kundan is a traditional Indian form of jewellery that has gold foil between the stones. Kundan work is also seen with some silver-plated designs to ensure ample choices for you. Kundan work pairs well with pearls and you will see this scintillating combo attract you.
    • Polki necklace set – Polki jewellery is when the piece of jewellery is studded with an unpolished stone. The shine of the stone is not as much as American diamonds or Zirconias. Polki jewellery is accentuated by other factors like beads and pearls to bring out its true beauty.
    • Temple Jewellery – A wonderful creation percolated in a fashion jewellery set collection from the South of India, this jewellery is generally gold plated and has a typical design. Rubans has created innumerable new designs in the image of temple jewellery for you to wear on multiple occasions.
    • Stone studded – The go-to fancy party wear jewellery set for every person is a stone studded set. Whether it is Zirconias or American diamonds, stones can add much-needed glamour to any jewellery set. The colour of the stones can impact the overall look of the set and your look too.
    • Oxidised Silver – Jewellery with old-world charm and endless possibilities of designs, the oxidised silver sets can range from casual to formal that can be worn on sarees.
    • Pearl studded – Pearls are an evergreen element which elevates the style quotient effortlessly.
    • Antique finish – Whether it is a silver or gold-toned fashion jewellery set, antique jewellery gives the look of a priceless heirloom.
    • Sterling Silver – A perfect balance of modern, sophisticated, and elegant, the sterling silver sets are a vision of silver you cannot miss.
    • Enamelled sets – Paired with Kundan work or beads, enamelled finish is when there is colour on the surface of a gold-plated piece of jewellery.
    • Bridal jewellery sets – Whether it is a maang tikka earring set or a necklace set, bridal jewellery is meant to stand out. The nuances and sparkle of bridal jewellery are a class apart. While the bride is getting ready for one of the most important days of her life, she also has to stand out amongst a sea of people who have put their best foot forward. The jewellery sets she adorns on her big day reflect her state of mind - demure and euphoric.


    The art of styling differs from one person to the next due to differences in choices and preferences. There are many ways one can style the same jewellery set. The aim of Rubans to make affordable and adorable jewellery accessible, irrespective of budget, is seen blossoming in their collection of jewellery sets. Rubans has one of the finest jewellery sets for women that is delivered to your doorstep.

    If you are interested in what the founder, Chinu Kala, finds appealing then you can take a look at the collection of her favourite jewellery sets too. You can get a glimpse into the vibrant world of Rubans jewellery and get your deepest desires.



    1. What does a fancy party wear jewellery set include?

    There are various types of sets available at Rubans. You can get a maang tikka earring set, necklace earring set, or a set of all 3 – necklace, earrings, and maangtikka.

    1. What is the cost of a necklace and earrings fashion jewellery set?

    The necklace and earrings jewellery sets range from 433/- to 11,050/-. The set you select depends on the craftsmanship, materials used, and plating of the body.

    1. What styles of jewellery sets can you get from Rubans?

    You can get both traditional, modern, or contemporary jewellery set styles from Rubans. You can get various styles in each type too.

    1. Which colour sets can you get from Rubans?

    You can get sets of multiple colours with rhodium or silver or gold plating. You can also get multi-coloured jewellery sets with stones or beads. 

    1. Were Rubans jewellery sets on Shark Tank?
    Yes, Rubans was featured in one of the episodes of Shark Tank and managed to win the Sharks over and secure funding. The Shark Tank special products are featured with the tag in the corner of the website.
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