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    “A woman who believes in herself sparkles like a diamond.” – Chinu Kala, Founder

    One of the most accurate representations of your personality and taste is how you dress or accessorize. Your outfit is an extension of yourself that highlights your best features. When you step out of the house, your charming personality is your best quality, and Rubans brings out your inner formidable diva! One of the vital parts of this glamorous you ...

    “A woman who believes in herself sparkles like a diamond.” – Chinu Kala, Founder

    One of the most accurate representations of your personality and taste is how you dress or accessorize. Your outfit is an extension of yourself that highlights your best features. When you step out of the house, your charming personality is your best quality, and Rubans brings out your inner formidable diva! One of the vital parts of this glamorous you are a pair of stunning earrings. Earrings directly affect the way your face looks and are probably one of the first things people notice about you when they look at you. This why Rubans has brought a collection so vast; you won’t run out of options to look your best every time.

    A pair of earrings can range from a single spot of sparkle to an elaborate pair that can change how you look completely. Whether you are looking for cool and casual stylish western earrings or a pair of festive chand bali earrings, Rubans has crafted designs so rare that you will stand out. The radiant designs play with every aspect of a woman’s personality. They capture the whimsy and playfulness along with the serenity and ambition. The range of earrings is an amalgamation of the belief that every woman should be everything she wants to be. Access to reasonable and resplendent earrings is what Rubans aims for and established successfully. 

    The exquisite designs of earrings at Rubans

    There is a great demand for stylish Western earrings or earrings for daily use in gold because of the spirited lives of millennials and Gen Z. The daily wear that can make you go for an office going professional to a party animal is in demand, and flexibility is the need of the hour. While modern designs get more preference for daily wear, Rubans has spun the legacy of traditional jewellery into something more suitable for the day and age. 

    The spectacular comeback of Polki and Kundan has made them the mainstream options for fashion jewellery. While these works have been around for a long time, Rubans is working on making them more accessible and affordable for everyone. The long list of options for earrings at Rubans is a testament to the dedication and attention to detail that has been given to reviving the forgotten arts. The inclusion of modern elements like pastel colour beads, pearl beads, and other quirky elements has made each earring more desirable. 

    A treasure chest for the festive and wedding season

    Rubans has taken care of your every kind of need for the wedding or festive season. There are ample options that you can pick from whether you are headed to a wedding or consequent events like engagement, mehendi, sangeet, haldi, or reception. Rubans has taken care of that too! 

    If you are looking for bridal earrings, then there is an entire section you must look at. A bride is the most radiant person on her big day. She can find everything she needs on this website. There are more than enough options for a smart and stylish bridesmaid too. You also have the appropriate alternatives that you may need when packing your trousseau. 

    The festive season is the best time to dress in your favourite clothes and accessories and enjoy time with your family. That being said, it is the one chance you get to go all out and look a little extra special. It is the ideal opportunity to pamper yourself and accessorize heavily. No matter your outfit or hairstyle, a pair of good earrings is all you need to complete your look.   

    What does Rubans have to offer you?

    Rubans has a collection to please your discerning eye. The variety of earrings is difficult to list under just a few categories. The intricate details and every facet of each earring are emphasized. Elements like stones, beads, pearls, and so on are used to bring out the best in the design of the earrings. The patterns are all unique and a mix of every kind of earring. 

    You can find these types of earrings easily in the long list – 

    Stud earrings – These range from a single American diamond or a single stud of Zirconia to an ornate floral motif or Polki studs. You can also find Kundan studs in the mix, along with innovative designs. 

    Chandelier earrings – While these are categorized under drop earrings, the stunning design with stone-studded wonders is put to perfection. 

    Shoulder dusters – Starting from stones to abstract golden motifs, every shoulder duster is a work of art waiting for you to wear and improve it. 

    Fringe earrings – These are available in beads and stones, and there is no dearth of colours either! 

    Chandbalis – The go-to pair of earrings for any event which calls for a traditional outfit. 

    Jhumkas – Jhumkas are a huge umbrella under which there are many more types, and every conceivable spin on jhumkas has been explored by Rubans. 

    Drop earrings – A category that houses a big chunk of the designs. This category best defines the exceptional and premium quality earrings available at your fingertips. 

    Huggies – Rubans has broken the conventional rules of huggies and designed the huggies with every possible element available. You have everything you need at Rubans, whether you are going to a beach party or going to a wedding. 

    Hoops or Half Hoops – The long-proven earrings style of hoops or half hoops has been revamped and brought back stronger with amazing elements.  

    Temple jewellery earrings – While you may get the best of traditional earrings at Rubans, here is the traditional trove of gold-plated temple earrings.

    Enamelled earrings – Get sassy with the selection of enamelled earrings you can find here. When gold plated is too traditional, add a pop of colour to make it better. 

    Antique finish – An antique finish on gold or silver plating gives it a royal feel. 


    1. What do earrings for daily use in gold include?

    A long list of every kind of earring online is available on the Rubans website. When you are looking for a pair of gold-plated earrings that you can wear daily, you can think of buying a design that is not too flashy and can go with all outfits. If you are looking for stone studded and gold plated earrings, best to go for huggies or studs. 

    2. What is the cost of any earrings online?

    Stud earrings online can cost you from 420/- to 2280/-. Chand Bali earrings can cost you from 454/- to 1693/-. Drop earrings can range from 268/- to 2000/-. Huggie hoop earrings have a range of 286/- to 2513/- and finally, the best jhumka earrings can range from 575/- to 2432/-. These types of earrings are an eclectic mix of traditional, western and Indo-western. 

    3. What styles of drop earrings can you get from Rubans?

    You can get chandelier earrings, shoulder dusters, fringe earrings, beaded earrings, stone studded earrings, voguish earrings, multi-coloured earrings, and many more. 

    4. Which colour stylish western earrings can you get from Rubans?

    You can get earrings with rhodium, silver, rose gold or gold plating. You can get earrings in multiple colours with beads and stones that make the earrings colourful. 

    5. Was Rubans jewellery featured on Shark Tank?

    Yes, Rubans was featured in one of the episodes of Shark Tank and managed to win the Sharks over and secure funding. The Shark Tank special products are featured with the tag in the corner of the website.

    6. How do I take care of my fashion jewellery?

    Instructions for caring for and maintenance of your fashion jewellery are mentioned separately along with each product on the website. This ensures that you get to enjoy your fashion jewellery for a long time to come. 

    7. How can I find out the dimensions of the jewellery?

    If you wish to know the dimensions of the jewellery, you can refer to the “Product Size” mentioned next to the photo of the earrings.

    8. What are gold-plated earrings made up of?

    Plated pieces of jewellery can have copper or brass under the plating as the body. You can find out the base metals on the product page next to the photo of the product. 

    9. What is the best jewellery gift? 

    One of the best gifts you can give is a pair of earrings. You need not know the size, and they are versatile and can be used and enjoyed by the receiver for a long time. 

    10. How to choose a pair of earrings for someone?

    One of the first things to remember when buying earrings for someone is their personal preference. After that, you can review the kind of earrings they already have. Think about what kind of clothes that person wears and try to match the earrings to the same. At the same time, if the person has a round face, then look for drop earrings, chand bali earrings or best jhumka earrings. If the receiver is an office-going person, then earrings for daily use in gold are a great option. 

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