The beginning of it all

In 2004, I got married to Amit Kala, my husband – who I believe is my biggest support and left for Bengaluru. Two years later, I entered the Gladrags Mrs. India Pageant upon the insistence of some friends.
If you ask what was that experience like, I would say that it was all about imagining being in a room with super-achievers – I hadn’t even completed my education and here I was flanked by people who had accomplished so much. It was scary! I was with people from solid educational backgrounds but somehow, I held my stand. My experiences held me in great stead.
 Proudly I can say today that I was among the finalists in the pageant and with that achievement,  more opportunities started coming my way.
.In working as a model and being a part of the fashion industry, I realized that there was a gap in the fashion industry for jewelry that’s premium looking but also affordable. I pounced at the opportunity immediately. In all these, I’ve worked very hard in various jobs and saved up money to finally invest in my love for jewelry that today has a name called ‘Rubans’.
 In 2014,when I decided to move out of corporate merchandising and dive fully into the jewelry market, I wanted to make sure that I make a brand that resonates with my choice of customers who were finding it hard to get quality jewelry at affordable prices, limiting their aspirations and desires for fashion. The ultimate aim of my brand has always been to bridge this gap and by doing so be able to relate to their style and their life on a personal level.
 Keeping this goal in mind, my love affair with jewelry was set into action with the creation of my brainchild ‘Rubans’ which is a French word for 'ribbon', thereby, capturing the free-flowing spirit of the ribbon that ties the gift of life together.
 Today, Rubans has over 2000+ meticulously curated designs, for the young glamour-loving millennials who love spending an extra minute admiring themselves.
 I believe that every day of work must bring in some growth – whether it is in the form of learning, understanding a new subject, or monetary gains. I never forget where I started from. Today I am able to pay 25 salaries and while that feeling is amazing – I believe in hard work and love for your subject (like I’ve always loved jewelry) and expect that from each person associated with Rubans .