Styling guide! Rubans jewellery according to the necklines.

There is a gorgeous necklace waiting to be paired with the right kind of outfit in your closet. Choosing the perfect neck piece that will match your attire can get tricky, do not fret, this styling guide can help! Fortunately, today’s fashion trends are not rigid – you can choose to be creative and add a little bit of flair to your outfit. You want to choose jewellery designs that will glam up your outfit while adding a bling of its own. This is why you might want to consider looking at necklines that can help flatter your outfit on the whole.  
Here are some of the most common necklines and some necklace options you can pair with them 
Wearing a v-neck outfit can look good on any woman. What can make this outfit look even better would be choosing a necklace with it. Layered necklaces are in ‘in-thing’ with such kinds of outfits. It adds a little bit of interest and can play with the outfit beautifully. You do not have to worry about any other piece of jewellery once you have decked yourself up with these. The best part is that you can be super creative with the number and styles of necklaces you add. You can use shorter ones that seem like chokers and gradually wear more that are bigger in length. Find ones that fit your style and persona. If you do not want to wear multiple necklaces, you can also wear ones with a drop style. 
Black Metal Handcrafted Rhinestone Necklace 
Off-shoulder dresses have always been at the top of the leading fashion trends and they show no signs of slowing down. Not only western outfits but also traditional blouses for sarees are now off-shoulders. This black necklace with beautifully studded rhinestones will look absolutely striking on any outfit you choose to wear it with. The most alluring part of this piece is its intricate and fine design along with the jet-black color. The value of any monochromatic off-shoulder or one-shoulder dress will increase manifold with the addition of this charming piece of jewellery 
Gold-Plated Handcrafted Rhinestone Interlink Chain Necklace 
If you have chosen your outfit for the day to be one of the most flattering and feminine necklines – the sweetheart neckline, you will love wearing this chain necklace. While wearing this type of neckline, you want to make sure that your necklace ends right above the neckline but does not overlap with the neckline. A small choker set like this necklace will also do the job perfectly. The chain pattern can also have a matching set of earrings to seal the deal. 
This necklace can be paired well with another one of the classics – the boat neckline. It is a timeless and beautiful option whether you want to wear a sweater, gown, or blouse. This is a neckline that can work wonders in elevating your look, especially when paired with the right necklace. If your outfit is a traditional Indian one, this beaded layered necklace can be eye-catching when worn with a boat neckline. Pair it with a matching set of lightweight jhumkas to amp up the attire even more. 
A choker might be what you need to pair with your strapless dress. It can add a touch of luxury and royalty to any outfit. While you can always wear a set of pearls or American diamonds for class and elegance, oxidized necklaces will also do the job brilliantly. In today’s times, fashion is all about creativity and confidence. Wear this beautifully crafted silver choker and strut about your day. This is a necklace that will also look great with a deep-necked blouse or a wide-necked kurti. Being multifaceted, you do not want to miss having this piece in your collection.  
Gold-plated AD studded Butterfly Pendant Handcrafted Chain Necklace 
Looking for something to wear with everyday tees, collared shirts, and just plain simple Kurtis? This necklace is the ideal choice to make an impact. You do not have to opt for something blingy or glamorous to wear every day. Something simple, dainty, and elegant will take your look to the next level without you having to try very hard. Accessorize correctly and do your daily outfits more justice by upping your game with style. 
Another great way of choosing necklaces for certain outfits would be by layering the attire with different types of necklaces and staying put with the one that balances your look. Explore your options and build your collection with the most glamorous pieces in the market. Stand out in the crowd by flaunting your unique style quotient and jewllery collection that is set to wow the onlookers!