4 Step guide to organize your jewellery

You keep your desk neat. Your closet is arranged so you can easily find the clothes that you want. The cabinet in the bathroom has your skin and hair care products stacked neatly to help follow your routine. But wait! What’s that mess over there?

Your jewellery is dumped together, so you have no option but to pick up the first thing that you find and head out! Or (even worse), you must spend 15-20 additional minutes in searching for your favourite pair of earrings or untangling that necklace.

Whether you have just a few special pieces or a massive collection of jewellery , organizing it will help save precious minutes while dressing up and, help you complete your look. Here’s how you can use this time at home to organise your jewellery .

Out of sight = out of mind

If you can’t see it, you won’t remember you have it! Allocate a drawer (or a couple of them) and arrange your jewellery so you can see it all. That way, you have a wider range to choose from to complete your look.


Birds of the same feather

An outfit paired with the right set of earrings can transform your look. An off-shoulder dress needs only a statement piece to complete your look. And that’s why you can arrange your jewellery by category - clubbing all earrings together, all the necklaces in one place etc.

By colour

You are one lucky person to fall into this category. If you have organizing it by colour will help you save crucial minutes that can otherwise be spent on enjoying the company of your date.



9 am to 9 pm looks

The right accessories can help transform your look from boss lady to a showstopper at the nightclub in the evening. But imagine if the first thing you see is your wedding jewellery when what you need is something to wear for a client presentation at work. Organizing your accessories according to the occasion of wear will save precious time spent in looking for the right accessories.

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