How to care for your fashion jewellery - 7 Insider Tips!

Women can’t keep their hands off of beautiful pieces of fashion jewellery. They are fun and revamp your outfit, but remember they are also very delicate. While every piece of jewellerlooks beautiful, without the right amount of care and attention, they can end up looking faded and old. Understanding the right care for your jewellery can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty. 

So how do you go about taking care of your jewellerquickly, easily and safely? Here are a few insider tips on how to care and maintain your fashion jewellery to prolong its life. 

CARE TIP 1 - Keep your jewellery dry

Right before you hop into a shower, do the laundry, or dive into a pool, remember to take off your jewellery including your everyday pieces. It is always best to avoid any water contact with your fashion jewellery to keep it shiny and new. Otherwise, it might cause your favourite bangle or ring to change colour and you wouldn’t want that!

Jewellery care - keep it dry

CARE TIP 2 - Clean your jewellery often

You might love your fashion jewellery and wearing it everyday must have made the pieces a bit grungy. Which is why it is best to clean out the junk and dirt off your fashion jewellery before you put it in place. Good old-fashioned soap and water on a little brush or a wet cloth will do the task. Make sure you dry the jewellery and wipe off the water before storage.

Jewellery care - clean


CARE TIP 3 - Cautious contact with chemicals

We know how hurried up you are during the morning hours, but it is best to wait until you are all done with your daily beauty routine before putting on your fashion jewellery. Applying perfume, lotion, oils, hairspray or any other beauty products with your jewellery on may react unfavourably. They contain harsh chemicals leading your care process to go in vain. 

Jewellery care -


CARE TIP 4 - Put it on last, take it off first

We often forget the delicate nature of our favourite jewellery pieces. Which is why it is always a better idea to put it on last and take it off fast in your dress-up routine. This will ensure that your jewellery doesn't get caught up on your clothing. An accidental pull of your necklace or earring while taking off your clothes can cause a string to break. 

Jewellery care

CARE TIP 5 - Store your jewellery with utmost care

If you want to keep your fashion jewellery looking great for years, ensure to store them properly. Secure them in a container and ensure that there is not too much air that squeezes into it. And when we say storage is important, make sure you do not mix different kinds of jewellery all in the same box to prevent breaking or tangling. 

Jewellery care - store properly

CARE TIP 6 - Take care of light and heat

Just as the sun’s rays can tan our skin, it can decolour our favourite jewellery pieces too. So it is best to avoid too much contact with the sun’s light to prevent it from darkening. Some are also vulnerable to heat. Hence, avoid wearing these jewellery pieces while cooking or any such activities. 

Jewellery care - exposure to light

CARE TIP 7 - Don’t sleep in them

Well, sleeping with your necklace on will not kill you. But, some jewellery pieces could get damaged then. The constant toss and turn amidst your sleep will cause pressure and rubbing of your jewellery pieces. Remove them and keep them aside to avoid any potential damage. 

Jewellery care - sleep

To make your jewellery last longer, you will put in little extra effort, won’t you? Give your favourite accessories the right care and longevity with these tips and tricks. And if you’ve got the right idea about the right care and is in some mood to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, check out the latest fashion jewellery on

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