How I mix Heritage Kundan with my everyday look

Traditional and historical jewellery styles have long fascinated jewel connoisseurs because of the sheer amount of artistry involved. Kundan jewellery, one of India's oldest forms of jewellery, is renowned for its majestic and brilliant look and phenomenal craftsmanship. For me, Heritage Kundan is the perfect choice to wear because of its exquisite design, exceptional patterns, and blinding shine. Its designs, which were inspired by the royal houses of Rajasthan, Gujarat and the Mughals, make you feel and look like royalty yourself. The designs need time and effort to execute, but the end result is well worth the effort. They make you look sophisticated, rich, and classy at the same time. Rubans Heritage Kundan Jewellery is intricately designed with care.
Today, it’s not about all gold or all silver; it’s about mixing and matching these metals. Thus, mixing and matching traditional jewels with modern clothes. Why do I love mixing Heritage Kundan with my everyday looks? Because, it gives it that pop of colour, a touch of novelty and adds surreal charm to even the most basic of my outfits.
If I want my Kundan jewellery to have a large effect, or I want to make a statement I use thick necklaces and a big choker. And when I want something lighter in Kundan, I opt for a simple long necklace or just Kundan earrings. The greatest part about Kundan sets is that they go with practically any outfit. Whether it be a casual Kurti, a little black dress, or just a solid top. The brilliant, colourless stones go with everything, but if you want them to seem like they're a part of your clothing, Kundan sets with colourful stone settings are also available. These are available in conventional hues such as pink, blue, and red and would look great with any attire.
Kundan jewellery is constantly in high demand, especially during the wedding season. Kundan Jewellery is an essential component of any Indian wedding attire. But, they are such versatile pieces - Heritage Kundan can go from a bridal look to a corporate look. Authentic Kundan jewellery is distinguished by its immaculate finishing and age-old production skills, making it an excellent investment. At Rubans, we have an array of Heritage Kundan for all your moods and looks.
And, who doesn’t love an easy look with a solid dress, chic bag and a statement Heritage Kundan necklace which makes you look like a boss lady while adding the sophisticated touch of femininity?