Falling in love with Oxidised jewellery!

Jewellery adds depth and richness to your personality while correspondingly making you seem stylish.  Earlier, women had no choice but to wear gold or silver jewellery.
But now,  this is not the case.
When it comes to today's jewellery crazes, oxidised jewellery is quite the talk.  It retains its colour for an extended period and also shines. Jewellery created with oxidised silver has an old-world charm and a distinct metallic texture that makes it appear uncommon and ancient. This oxidised method produces unique jewellery with ethnic, traditional, or geometric motifs that can be matched with precious and semi-precious stones or complemented with other metals such as bronze, copper, or gold.
One of the finest aspects of oxidised jewellery is the variety of patterns available. For instance, let’s take a look at oxidised earrings. Why would poets write so many poems about earrings if they weren't mysterious? When these earrings are oxidised, they appear to be a keepsake from a long-forgotten period that had a tremendous impact on beauty and society. Perhaps this is why these earrings typically portray traditional culture.
Typically, oxidised necklace and earring sets are fused with traditional costumes or sarees, nevertheless, oxidised jewels are not bound to these attires. I like to mix and combine diverse Indo-western or modern sartorial styles, such as a maxi skirt with a cotton tank top and hefty oxidised necklaces, or wear a strapless gown with a geometric oxidised choker and large oxidised silver bracelet cuffs. Alternatively, match traditional oxidised gemstone pendants or totemic oxidised earrings with everyday business attire. The possibilities are endless, and the more I play with oxidised jewellery, the more creative I might be with my outfits - and that’s what I love the most about oxidised jewellery, the opportunity to experiment is endless!
Inspiration comes in many forms. Wear exquisitely crafted traditional oxidised jewellery to compliment your classic and vintage looks; pair the newest haute couture with statement oxidised jewellery, or just go boho chic with concept oxidised jewellery. You can experiment with any style of oxidised jewellery,  you couldn't go wrong. But perhaps, you haven't tried oxidised jewellery yet since you've been saving it for the appropriate time. But sometimes you are the occasion, your desire to be happy is the occasion, and being open to new experiences is the occasion, so don't wait. Unleash that ethereal appearance and share my love for Oxidised jewellery.