Best of Kundan jewellery for the ultimate bridesmaid party

 Kundan, also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery and its production is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan centuries ago. Brides across the globe have welcomed and adorned such intricate designs with love and adoration for Kudun jewellery.
We have listed some of the best Kundan jewellery for brides the ultimate bridesmaid party
when shopping online:
Kundan Necklace Set With Studded Pink Stones 
This necklace has a projection of simplicity but yet is unique in its intricacies. An artistic piece that is sure to make heads turn. A design that exemplifies culture and tradition on your special day. Bridesmaids can opt to buy the gold-plated Kundan necklace set, which is studded in pink stones and can be a perfect choice if you are someone who likes to keep it low-key in all simplicity.
Choker Necklace Set With Kundan And Pearls 
Chokers that are weaved with pearls and Kundan are the best jewellery piece that you can wear on your special day.  A set like this is all you need to ring into the joyous celebration of your wedding in the best possible way. Besides the beauty weaved with pearl and Kundan, the necklace will be best paired with all colours of the outfit.
What better swag to have on a wedding night than a multi-coloured jewellery piece? The necklace is intricately designed using fine-coloured stones, tiny white pearls and red beads. Bridesmaids can wear the set on their sangeet, at the wedding, and at other ritual gatherings. 
The Pachi Kundan and Ruby pink necklace set comes with a set of earrings and a necklace that perfectly embodies the bridesmaids to feel like a queen. Shopping for this particular set can never be a mistake as its elegance shines perfectly well for ladies no matter what outfit it is paired with.
Some trends never go out of vogue in a world of changing fashion trends. One such fashion trend is that of pastel shades, and it is set to attract everyone's attention yet again in 2023.
This particular pastel pink enamel Kundan is here to stay and the acceptance of consumerism towards it is high potential. Bridesmaids can pair the choker set with dark shades of outfits or even better for lighter shades of outfits.
If you are looking for a south Indian look for a wedding this is the go-to look. Be the next best south Indian bridesmaid by choosing the handcrafted Kundan stone & filigree necklace set with a long hanging necklace and a pair of dazzling earrings.
The stunning combination of Kundan Polki's work-designed necklace is a perfect match for queens. The set is perfectly designed for you to see magic and heads turn towards you. In addition to the patterns, the necklace has a clean floral design that is imprinted in the necklace set.
Yellow Colour Kundan Choker set with Yellow and Green stones 
The yellow colour Kundan chokers best suit women who would like to smear that north Indian look or a bridesmaid that is set to go gaga on the wedding party night. With all that fun and jubilation, the set also adds funky, ethnic, traditional and responsible womanhood scenes at the same time. The set comes with an extravagant pair of earrings and a necklace.
Pendant Kundan Necklace Set With Pink Stones 
The pendant Kundan necklace set with pink stones has a contemporary design that is usually not formatted like the traditional patterned pieces of jewellery. This set comes with a pure combination of all artistic designs for our new-age millennial bridesmaids. 
The stones and the falls are closely created to look bold and empowering and classically just the right take for a wedding celebration.
Kundan Necklace Set With Pearls
The Kundan necklace set appears to have an old-fashioned 80’s look. It projects historic queens that could have been wearing the set. If you are planning to just keep it old school, this is your perfect pick.