5 Effortless jewellery for your everyday look.

How amazing would it be if you took one glance at your jewellery boxes every day and just knew what you had to pair with the outfit for the day?! This can now be possible with the eye-catching and alluring collection that Rubans has curated for your everyday looks. Keeping in mind the different styles modern women prefer, here are all the options that you can go for while looking your best self with minimal yet chic jewellery options
Elegance personified, this set of earrings will be a stunning ally to absolutely any outfit you select. With a unique and intricate design, it will look good on any woman irrespective of their age. Enjoy the compliments you receive as you don them and go about your day.
If you are a person who believes that “less is more” you will not be able to take your eyes off this necklace with a cute heart-shaped pendant. The thin chain with the right kind of bling on the pendant peeking out of your formal office wear clothes will give you the perfect feel throughout the day.
Evil Eye Party Wear Ring
This is one of the most trendsetting pieces that is making its way into the hearts of all the ladies would be this ring. It exudes the perfect amount of charm and adds a bit of glamor to the outfit. With tops, shorts, skirts, and jeans, this ring can look good and capture attention irrespective of the outfit
Oxidized Silver-Plated Peacock Pearl Stud Earrings
Have you ever noticed when a woman steps out wearing oxidized jewellery? Isn’t there an instant charm that is added to the whole look? This pair of earrings is bound to do the same. The best combination would be paired with a white Kurti as the pearls will match the outfit! However, you can also create an Indo-Western vibe and wear it with jeans.
Steal the show with this necklace that is brilliantly and intricately made to go with your daily outfits! When it comes to necklaces, you would not want something bulky to bog you down. This is the perfect lightweight piece that can help you be in the limelight subtly and gracefully.
Have a presentation to give but are not sure of what to add to your look? This bracelet can be exactly what you are looking for. The colored stones, adjustable band, stunning gold-plated look, and super sleek feel, can radiate power and glamor. Add another gold-plated ring to it to complete the look.
Multi-color Stone Studded Handcrafted Bracelet
This is one piece of jewellery that you will not have to think twice before purchasing. Since it is embedded with stones of many different colors, it will be easy to pair it with your everyday outfit no matter the shade of the attire. Wear it alone or stack it up with a few more bracelets as you add this striking piece to your collection
The Grand Feels of Green – Stud earrings
You can never have too many studs in your jewellery boxes. Luckily, emerald green is such a color that it has the power to look amazing with any outfit type and shade. Choose to wear these earrings with a white top, your black blazer, or a summer sundress, on the beach¸ with a fitted gown, over a Kurti- the combinations are endless.
Want to mesmerize people by showcasing your taste in jewellery items? This oxidized metal bracelet might be the way to do so! The intricate carvings can instantly attract people and you will not have to add any more ornaments to the ensemble.
Silver-Plated Handcrafted Dual-toned Filigree Choker
How many qualities will one have to list for you to add this necklace to your collection? Oxidized, double-tones, choker, metallic work, elaborate and elegant designs, etc the feeling that you will get when you wear this piece would be unparalleled!
24k Gold-Plated Pearl Drop Finger Ring
An everyday look with a hint of an oomph factor – that is what this ring is all set to give you. Want to look like your bold and beautiful self, you may not have to invest in more than this thick-banded ring with a pearl drop. Perfect for daily wear, do not hesitate to add it to your jewellery boxes
The Tangle and Detangle of Zircons – Ring
One can never go wrong with the addition of a silver ring with tiny diamonds studded on the band. This ring might be what you were looking for to wear every day!
Dress in bliss without any hassle as you add the perfect pieces of jewellery to brighten your day!