15 Jewellery Pieces to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Are you planning a holiday anytime soon? The longer days and time off from work are something all of us need to refresh and rejuvenate our souls and body. Just at the mention of travel plans, we already slip into a mode of packing and collecting various accessories that we can style with and flaunt during our vacation.  
Sometimes it feels that we take the entire collection of jewellery with us wherever we go on a vacation. However, each of us seldom loves to carry a big suitcase along with carrying real pieces of gold and diamond jewellery is out of the question as none of us want to be stressed about the pieces of jewellery being safe all the time. Wonder, what to do then? The answer is Ruban’s collection.  
Here are handpicked pieces that are ideal for your vacation spot:
Silver Plated Zirconia Stone Studded Multiple Stud Earring  
A classic pair of Zirconia Stone Studded Multiple Stud Earrings is a must-have during travel and can enhance your daytime look. This piece of jewellery adds an amazing glow to your face fulfilling your desire to keep glowing during your entire period of vacation. These earrings have the potential to jazz up a simple outfit and make you look extraordinary. Flaunt your look by styling these pieces with any dress you want to pair them with. 
Coral Pink Stone Studded Elegant Earrings 
Travelling to different places is a whole new experience altogether. Then why do the same things that you would do at home and why style yourself with the same accessories that you have already used? Create your vibrant fashion scene with these pretty pieces of coral-pink stone earrings. You can pair them with floral outfits and floaty dresses. From picnics in the parks to long drives, no matter wherever you make your trip, display your elegance and add some playfulness to your style. 
Silver-toned colour stone pendant set is an exquisite piece of jewellery that you can use to fashion yourself from the moment you wake up till the moment you hit your bed. This is easy to wear and carry on and can be easily added to all the outfits you pack for your vacation. You can use this piece to create a layer with other pieces to achieve a spunky appeal.
Oxidised Silver Toned Embellished with Multilayer Statement Necklace 
Generally, vacations are jam-packed with plans to visit various places. It keeps you going throughout your holiday giving you very little downtime. Sometimes, you won’t even find enough time to dress up properly with your adornments. In moments like those, you can just throw on this silver-toned embellished multilayer statement necklace without much thought. This will create a statement look without taking much of your time. You can count on this piece for any occasion and you are good to shine.  
Oxidized Silver Plated Floral Openable Bracelet 
Oxidised silver plated floral openable bracelets are all that you need to adorn your wrist during your travels. This bracelet has a perfect weight and right width that works with all your vacation outfits. As it is openable, it is easy to wear and take out. The floral design on it makes it look charming. 
Gold Plated Handcrafted Pink Enameled and Pearls Hoop Earrings 
Pearls are classic pieces which one can style and look mesmerizing all through the year. Gold-plated handcrafted pink enameled and pearls hoop earrings are just the right choices to add elegance to any attire. This pretty piece makes you look glamorous whenever you style them during your vacation. 
Gold plated Finger Ring 
The engagement ring and the wedding ring are so close to our hearts and we never want to be separated from them. However, during traveling, there are chances of losing them or getting them pickpocketed. As these pieces are expensive and charming, it is a wise idea to leave them at home. This does not mean that you have to forgo wearing your favorite jewellery pieces throughout your vacation. You can choose this ring to replace your precious wedding rings for the duration of your holidays. This will help you enjoy your vacation removing the worry of losing your engagement or wedding ring and still letting others know your commitment to your partner. 
Gold Plated Handcrafted Color Stone Butterfly Big Drop Earrings 
Drop earrings are delicate and beautiful pieces of earrings that are sure to please you and jazz up your appearance. Gold-plated handcrafted colour stone butterfly earrings are unique and create a fashionable and funky style. These pieces add variety to your style quotient and create a lasting impression. Let your quirky personality show off on your vacation and you create wonderful memories of each moment you enjoy.  
Gold Plated Handcrafted Crystal Stone Big Hoop earring 
Hoop earrings are the ideal piece for nearly all events and even more during travels. These earrings are versatile and insouciant which makes them easier to style during vacations. A pair of handcrafted crystal stone big hoop earrings are an enduring piece that makes any outfit spring up while embellishing all hair colours and suiting all skin tones.
Silver Plated Traditional Choker 
A Choker necklace is a traditional jewellery piece that sits tightly around the neck. This is a great fashion accessory while styling on a vacation. Holidays are meant to feel good and everyone deserves to experience a level of delight and wonder about themselves. This silver-plated traditional choker necklace can make you rock even when paired with the simplest outfit. 
This is a simple piece that adds a sense of charm to your outlook no matter which type of attire you put on. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily carried during your travels. The heart shape makes it look cute to flaunt your fashionable appearance. 
This is an elegant piece of jewellery that looks simple but glistening. You can get a contemporary appearance by styling it with any attire. Whether you are up for sightseeing or visiting the beach resort to dine with your partner, you are sure to grab some attention. 
Hair Band with Pearls  
With so much focus on jewellery pieces, sometimes we don’t pay attention to styling our hair on a holiday. But this hair band with pearls is sure to highlight your hairdo and take your fashion statement to the next level. 
24k Gold Plated Chain Necklace with Multicolour Stones 
This piece is an interesting piece of jewellery that is most relevant to holidays. Due to its various colours, it can be paired with every coloured outfit without giving it a second thought. The attractive colours of this piece are enough to turn heads around. 
Pack up these simple and versatile pieces for your holidays. As these jewellery pieces are flexible, you can wear them with various outfits during any time of the day.