Strength of the human spirit and power of women entrepreneurship

The foundation of a successful company is often the sincerity and hard work of those who started it. However, in the case of Rubans there is a rich story of what the human spirit can endure to achieve greatness. Rubans has been topping the charts on their collaborators (Myntra) platform for 2 years and multiplying their customers and revenue at a noteworthy pace. This resounding success is a testament to the drive behind this company – Rubans founder Chinu Kala. Here is a story that brags about self-motivation and sheer determination. 

Rubans – A brand that changed the fashion world

The Rubans you see today are a successful enterprise that has been featured on Shark Tank. Rubans artificial jewellery from Shark Tank can be found on their website and you can take a look at the range of options they have to offer. Rubans caters to the palette of every kind of jewellery enthusiast. Aimed at creating a one-stop shop for all festivals, functions, and milestones of life, Rubans has dropped at least 11 to 12 collections every year. This allows Rubans products to be in tandem with the wants and needs of the customers. Each collection focuses on embracing the power of self-love. 

Beginnings of a founder 

While companies are started by those with proven business acumen, Rubans was started by a lady with a vision. Rubans Chinu Kala proved that she needed to thrive despite her humble beginnings. The story begins on a fateful night when she left her home with 300 rupees and a heart full of grit. She stayed true to her dream and did not let the City of Dreams engulf her and mislead her into darkness. The burning desire to make a mark for herself started with odd jobs, to meet her basic requirements. That was her first step towards building herself. Her hustle would continue for a long time to come. 

Evolution of the hustler

While the odd jobs allowed Chinu Kala to survive, the dreamer hit a milestone when she joined Tata Communications in Mumbai as a telemarketing executive. She noticed the gift she had as a people person and how she could communicate with customers easily. That’s where she met the other Director of Rubans, Amit Kala. They got married in 2004 and he streamlined the potential she had as a businesswoman through his MBA expertise. Chinu Kala’s first leap into the entrepreneurial role was with Fonte Corporate Solutions. In 2007, her friends urged her to try for the Gladrags Mrs. India pageant and she was selected! 

The visualization of an idea

At this stage, she realized how impactful jewellery can be. When you see the episode of Rubans Shark Tank, you will realize that the jewellery team is focused on creating jewellery for all kinds of outfits, moods, occasions, and preferences. Chinu Kala’s discerning eye identified what people look for when choosing jewellery too. In an interview, she mentioned that she never had the money to spend on any luxuries because she was always earning to survive. The pageant was her first encounter with the fashion world and it sowed the seed of a fashion world that was accessible and affordable for everyone. 

The formative years of the entrepreneur

In 2008, the budding entrepreneur was still developing her skills and preparing for her dream project. She got into corporate merchandising and has an impressive list of clients. A part of her portfolio was dealing with brand managers. While interacting with them, she realized the kind of pride they took in their own brands. They always told her that dynamics may change but the brand is permanent. This thought lingered and blossomed into the Rubans franchise you see today. 

The beginning of Rubans

The magic you saw in the episode of Rubans Shark Tank did not happen overnight. Rubans was launched in the year 2014 in a small kiosk. In a matter of 3 years, the brand had 7 stores in 3 locations. In 2018, the formidable businesswomen made a wise decision to shift to an online platform because of the shift in the paradigm of shopping ways in India. They collaborated with Myntra and their revenue began the upward climb. By 2019, Rubans was a 100% online brand and their revenue had grown multi-fold. Rubans turnover today is nearly 40 crore rupees.  

Chinu recognized the need of the hour, which was providing branded jewellery with a variety. Even a single consumer has various needs depending on the circumstances and the designs and collections curated by the team are a reflection of the elegance and class of the founder. Chinu has uplifted the fashion jewellery market by unleashing glamour and promise of uncompromised quality, as seen in the part of Rubans imitation jewellery from Shark Tank. The story of Chinu Kala is intertwined with the birth of Rubans. Her unyielding nature and her unwavering aspirations are what will lead Rubans into a brighter and better future. 

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