Ruban’s contemporary jewellery pieces for women of all ages

Are you a girl who’d like to keep it minimal but wants to adorn it with real beauty? We have got you covered. Ruban’s contemporary jewellery pieces have made way for a new age of mix-and-match styles, that exemplify beauty as you are. Get natural, unblemished, classic & modern jewellery pieces at Ruban.
Here we have listed out a few interesting pieces of jewellery, up the notch that is not usually attributed to traditional designs. These designs are created with craftsmanship for you to use on a regular day or for your next big party night.

Oxidised Silver Plated Dual Tone Faux Emerald Studded Contemporary Necklace Set
Silver plated dual-tone faux emerald studded trendy necklace set is a perfect pick for queens. The green emerald stones present to be a major highlight when worn with a traditional outfit or a semi-formal outfit. The silver-plated dual-tone faux emerald studded trendy necklace is the ageless fashion trend for women of all ages. Add this to your cart, and get your piece for an extravagant experience of adorning fine jewellery.
Silver Plated Handcrafted Ruby Stone Necklace Set
As the year ends, offices, institutions and even families gather to celebrate through annual celebrations. Of all, office parties are the most common throughout cultures. Company members gather to honour another successful year for the company at lavish parties that sometimes span over days. At such events, we recommend an extravagantly charming handcrafted ruby set that is layered in three rows of modern design. The necklace set that is paired with earrings is a striking and sophisticated appearance.
The sharp-looking designed jewellery will emphasize your womankind. The piece is detailed and ethnic, yet recent and modern. The piece comes with a pair of earrings that is highly formatted in design. Go for a necklace set that oozes royalty and influence. Colours that are commonly associated with royalty, and the Zircon stone studded necklace set is one of those kinds.
Zircon Stone Statement Necklace Set
Zircon stone is designed with the alternate placement of zircon stones. Zircon stones are a natural gemstone popular for their astounding optical splendor that resembles a diamond. This necklace set is so profound in its appearance that it adds the utmost beauty and elegance among other current jewellery pieces.
Contemporary White and Golden Bead Necklace
Try something new, go beyond your usual styles. Like it’s said, “it’s a new year, it’s a new you”. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to your jewellery, go for something high in contemporary with niche designs. If your style is influenced by the latest trends, this white and gold bead necklace can be your next pick. Whatever you choose, make it new, make it a new you.
This simple white and golden bead necklace is designed with simplicity. This defined look will best suit women who are interested in keeping it low-key and avoiding heavy or chunky pieces of jewellery.
Voguish Silver-Toned & White Contemporary Drop Earrings
The voguish silver-toned and white drop earrings are finely suitable for strong extravagant women. It has a bold look, that is finished with the detailed and intricate settlement of the drops that completes your look. Buy this fine jewellery piece to step out in a modern style.
Voguish Silver-Toned Contemporary Drop Earrings
Your love for stylish design is extended a little more with voguish silver-toned drop earrings. What better way to have it trendy than with the text Eiffel Tower embellished on this artistic piece? The drops are aesthetically and beautifully created to raise your standards of fashion and style.
Lastly, if you are looking for something minimalistic but still make jaws drop, this voguish contemporary half-hoop earring is the next best pick for you. This culture-on-trend earring has a rich look that is blended with simplicity and elegance. This is a right jewellery piece to flaunt the richness and subtle radiance of your beauty.
Adding the right bling often amps your style to the next level. At Rubans, you can not only shop for Jewellery as per occasion but can also mix and match styles that can transform your look in a snap.