Pick your perfect collection of clutches, potlis & handbags

Undoubtedly bags are one of the most glamorous labels in the market. It is a clear identity definer that digs deep into revealing a person’s character. To add to the seriousness, a woman's bag is the BBAAGGG that is always in the talk. In fact, movie stars and other influencers have a dedicated TV show to decode and decipher the type of bags women carry, and to know what’s in their bags.
A women’s bag and its contents can tell a thousand stories. Shopping with Rubans is the best story that you can choose to tell. While a bag and its content vary from one person to another, there are a few handbag essentials every woman occasionally carries for the next big event.
Here are a top few clutches, handbags and potlis that you can consider while shopping online.
A classy shimmering sling bag that equates as the best accessory to complete your look. Carry it for parties, for special occasions such as weddings or to step into another enthralling weekend.
Black Colour Box Clutch With Embroided Golden Design
This box clutch with a golden design pattern has a chic outlook that is here to stay until washed away by the next superior fashion trend. This clutch underscores simplicity that is high on glamor. It will best suit all occasions including a party or to a basic shopping if you might want to use it as a carrier of your basic things down to the grocery store.
There is nothing better than a multi-coloured stone-studded clutch bag with a golden embroidered design. A stunning design with a collaboration of coloured stone and is bordered by a classy gold strip. All this to the human eyes will look dazzling and will surely make heads turn.
If handbags and clutches seem to be a little old-fashioned for your necessities, then potli bags are the new trend. This specific cream-coloured velvet potli bag designed with pearls and gold beads is the next pick to pair it with a traditional dark-coloured saree. Such a combination will suit best for a wedding occasion, a sangeet celebration or for a traditional bridal shower.
Dark Grey Box Clutch Sling Bag With Glossy Texture
A sassy clutch with a glossy texture is the best definition to keep it classy. Women of all ages and styles can opt for this clutch as it's not too chunky or heavy to use. This product can go best with western outfits or even a traditional saree.
Handmade and embroidered designer handbags are something you should watch out for in the market. These products stay in the hype for very limited durations and come with exceedingly remarkable collections. 
Golden And Brown Colour Handmade Sling Bag With Embroidered Design
Another handmade golden and brown colour handmade sling bag with an embroidered design of rusted gold stone. The design is extravagantly artistic and classy. The beads arranged, clearly shows the skill of craftsmanship that exudes royalty, power, and enormous elegance to the look. This sling bag is sure to be paired with a contemporary designed saree or party wear. Carry it and complete your look while adding this classy accessory with you.
Black Handmade Sling Bag With Embroidered And Studded Black Beads
Everything in black is a new trend that will never fade away despite the waves of different fashion trends. Black is here today, in fact, it is here to stay forever. This black handmade sling bag with embroidery and studded black beads has a clean finish. The stones shimmer to the light at the same time, not too bright, evident and too shining on the eyes. It is subtle, yet elegant in all its simplicity. If you would like to keep it low-key and still remain in the trend, then this is your perfect pick.
Choosing a perfect vanity purse effortlessly is no more a task. At Rubans, you can practically get spoilt by choice. Head to our bags section to choose your style!!