Fashion for when you are working from home

Every woman has stood in front of the mirror in the morning with the question - Should I wear these earrings to office? Or - Is this necklace too gaudy?
The appropriate work wear varies according to the type of job that you do. While most organizations provide basic guidelines for clothing, they fail to expand on what jewellery is appropriate. And now, with the whole world working from home, what is the appropriate thing to do?
Working from home: Most of us never prepare for this situation, but the whole world is right now functioning on this mode. With the numerous video calls that one has to be on, what to wear is always a struggle. 
  • Should I stay in my pajamas all day? Its so comfortable…besides, who is watching? I don’t have any meetings to go for, no one to meet – so what’s the problem?
  • Should I make the effort to dress up? I have video calls to take. Plus, dressing up makes me feel like I want to work.
  • Should I be somewhere in between? Today I will be in my pajamas but tomorrow I need to be appropriately dressed up for my Zoom call with the team in London.
Don’t fret – we have you covered. The good news is that there’s jewellery to match any work situation and environment. A pair of classy, office-appropriate earrings elevates your work look and makes you appear more polished. Let’s help you understand what can and cannot be worn to work.
Dressing up is always good. It helps set a discipline. It also helps to push you out of your ‘home zone’ to something more serious. And jewellery adds the final touch to any look.
  1. Hoops go with everything. Indian, western, boho hoop earrings can jazz up any outfit, on any occasion. So whether it’s a routine team catch up, or a client presentation, opting for hoops is a no brainer.
  1. For people who like to opt for more ethnic looks, you can’t go wrong with jhumkas. A solid coloured saree, a printed kurti, a simple salwar kameez. Irrespective of the size, the colour, jhumkas can add a touch of glamour to any occasion.
  1. Brightly coloured, or traditional silver and gold toned. Square or round. Stud earrings offer a variety of styles and shapes of earrings to be the perfect accessory for your work attire.
  1. A string of beads or a metallic over a classic white shirt, silver or gold ethnic jewellery – the right necklace helps communicate your vibe to your office tribe.